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Membership Information

Section 1: Membership in the Rhode Island School Superintendents’ Association shall consist of four (4) classifications: active, associate, retired, and special (honorary, life, and emeritus). Payment of dues to the Rhode Island School Superintendents’ Association shall be required as a condition of membership as an active, associate or retired member.
Section 2: Active membership shall be open to all superintendents, collaborative directors, assistant and deputy superintendents, and any other central office officials who have system wide major responsibilities and are recommended by their superintendent. A prerequisite for active membership shall be eligibility for membership in the American Association of School Administrators and adherence to the Rhode Island School Superintendents Association’s Code of Ethics.
Section 3: Associate Membership shall be open to members of the state Department of Education, to administrators and faculty members of the colleges and universities of Rhode Island whose duties are associated with problems of school administration, and to such administrators as the Association may elect from time to time. Members of the professional associations, business associates, and others that provide services to education are also eligible for Associate Membership upon payment of annual dues and the approval of the Association. Executive directors of like educational organizations will be granted Associate Membership in RISSA provided the arrangement is reciprocal with said organizations.
Section 4: Retired membership shall be open to any Rhode Island School Superintendents’ Association member who retires from service or those eligible for AASA retired membership.
Section 5: Special membership shall include those with Honorary, Life and Emeritus status. Honorary members shall be the State Commissioner of Education and such other persons as the Association shall elect from time to time. Emeritus Status shall be granted to those members with 30 continuous years of membership. Emeritus members shall not be required to pay dues.